Q. Where do you ship?

A. Worldwide!


Q. USPS or UPS charged me when my package arrived, why?

A. Since our items originate in Canada it is possible that you will be charged duty and/or tax upon arrival based on the customs of the destination country. While this does not always happen, these duties and taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. NUHAUSCO. will not refund or reimburse the buyer for these charges.

Q. I bought a product from you. What should I expect to happen to my leather over time?

A. Though your product may feel a little stiff when first purchased, your new product will soften and loosen with age, wear, and proper care. Keep in mind that any product that has "natural leather", meaning un-dyed vegetable tanned leather, will darken with the natural oils of your skin, and stain if spilled on. 

Though we try our best to buff out all excess dye, our darker and more vibrant colours may rub off on light coloured clothing.

Proper care will mean your product will last a lifetime. This means keeping the leather moisturized by regularly applying oils and using protective sprays to battle the elements.


Q. Do you use any machines in the making of your leather product? (i.e. sewing machines)

A. At this point in time we do not. All of our leather products are made by hand. This includes cutting, stamping, dyeing, stitching, and installing snaps and rivets. Each item is made with thought, love, and care in order to give you the highest quality product.


Q. Do you accept alternate payment options to cash at pop up shows?

A.  Yes we do! Though we prefer items to be purchased with cash (and give nice discounts!), we have a nifty device called Square which can process your credit cards securely. We do not, however, accept debit.


Q. Are your products guaranteed?

A.  You bet, given that you have cared for it in a loving manner, we will most definitely stand behind our products. Please contact us for more information. Please note: we do not offer refunds on customized products.


Q. An item you have in your store isn't exactly what I am looking for, do you do custom work?

A. This answer is a bit more complicated than a 'yes' or 'no' answer. We strive for high quality items with a unique design that brings function to the forefront. We want all products sold to fit within this frame, and each design takes thought and time. If you see a product that you like, but perhaps it is a bit too big, too small, or you would like some added functions (like an inside pocket, etc.), please email us describing your request and we will try our best to make something that works for you.


Q. What currency are your prices in?

A. All prices are in Canadian Dollars


Q. When will my order ship?

A. At this time most items are made to order, and larger items may take up to two weeks to have finished depending on how busy we are. Smaller non-customized items such as keychains and bracelets will ship within a few days. Please email us for a more accurate timeframe for the item you would like to order.



                      If the FAQ hasn't answered your questions, shoot us an email!