NUHAUS.CO is a carefully curated lifestyle brand focused on bringing you locally made, hand crafted goods. Our 'artist-designer-artisans' concentrate on creating products that focus on functional design with simple yet beautiful, modern form, with an emphasis on detail. With products ranging from leather apparel and accessories, to lighting, furniture, and architectural design services, there is something here for every modern person. With many ways to customize, our products will fit seamlessly within, and improve your busy life.

Our name was chosen in part to honour the Bauhaus German School of Architecture in the 1920's, and the resulting Bauhaus movement. The Bauhaus was founded with the main objective of unifying art, craft, and technology to create a ‘total work of art’. The Bauhaus style later became one of the most influential currents in modern design, Modernist architecture and art, design and architectural education. The Bauhaus had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. However one of the most important contributions of the Bauhaus is in the field of modern furniture design.

The foremost goal of NUHAUSCO., much like the Bauhaus, is to integrate, coherently an harmoniously, different facets of the design, craft, and architecture world, and ultimately dissolve barriers between this world and the public realm. Though we can't predict where this adventure may lead us here at NUHAUS.CO, we are excited here to see what the future will bring us, and in turn, bring you, our loyal friends and customers!

Sarah Anne Fleming
Founder & Lead Designer


Sarah is an Intern Architect and Project Manager at a small firm in Toronto. She has a Professional Master of Architecture degree from Carleton University's Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism. To see more of her design work:                www.sarahannedesign.com